My Canberra Table: The Grounds and Salt Meats Cheese, Alexandria


Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Grounds and Salt Meats Cheese, Alexandria

 Nestled in a warehouse-conversion in Alexandria, The Grounds is one of those cafes. You know, those cafes where it is hip to be seen. We showed up at around 2pm. In Canberra, most places would be dying down at this time. But not The Grounds.

Funnily, even though I chose the option for lunch, I said to Mr C that there was no point waiting for a table/takeaway. His reply: if the line is this long, it must be good.

Deciding not to wait for a table was a good decision (the lady in front of us was still waiting when we had received our food) so we went the takeaway option. Mr C couldn't go past the chicken burger special ($13), while I had a "lunch box" of green salad, potato salad, falafel, hummus and a delicious flat bread ($13).

From my vantage (waiting) point, I spied people enjoying what looked to be delicious lunches. Ah the anticipation.

Finally the food arrived - along with a watermelon, pineapple and mint juice (for me) and a carrot and orange juice for Mr C.

I have to admit something. There were two less chips in that container when I finally made it out to the courtyard to our table.

The Grounds has its business model just right. Tables inside with full service, and a myriad tables outside in the courtyard/garden for people to enjoy their takeaway. We easily got a table, but there were only a few spare.

Who could see the sweets cabinet at The Grounds and not get something? I'd like to meet that person. I only had a bite of each as my lunch box was deliciously filling, but on the left we had a chocolate cream tart ($5.50) and a lemon curd tart ($5.50).

I definitely ate my words - absolutely worth the wait in the end.

After that lunch, a visit to Salt Meats Cheese, a wonderfully stocked providore just across the car park from The Grounds, was in order.

I think I was in a bit of shock here as - wait for it - I did not buy a thing. Not even the Reese's peanut butter chips (as in to go in cookies). Anyone who knows me knows I am a bit partial to peanut butter cups...

As a semi industrial suburb, Alexandria has definitely wowed us with its foodie options.

*All pics taken on my phone, so apologies for the rather poor quality*

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