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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yarra Valley Dairy Co

Located on a dusty back road of Yering (south of Yarra Glen), the Yarra Valley Dairy Co is worth the drive.


Let my pictures do the talking:









We arrived at the Dairy at around 2pm, hungry and a little bit cranky (me - I don't behave well when I have low blood sugar).


If you are not a cheese lover, there isn't really much here for you.

Of course we irdered the cheese plate, and sat down to wait.


The dining area consisted of a few small tables, and a few larger tables, where we shared with a family (the kids about our age). I immediately thought about bringing my parents here - my Dad is a big cheese lover, and he passed that on to me. A few years ago, they went on a trip to King Island. Just for the cheese.


When the plate came out, I was very impressed with the amount of bread and crackers we were given. Also, the cheese servings were a hefty size. We had - fresh chevre (goat's cheese), ash chevre, persian fetta and cow's milk mixed with garlic and herbs, along with a beetroot and orange relish.

I was particularly fond of the chevre - it was creamy and had the unmistakable tang of a goat's cheese. The ash was like a soft blue, a hint of mouldy flavour but still creamy. My favourites were the herb and the fetta - both outstanding and exactly what they should be.

We ate everything on that cheese plate. Admittedly, I hadn't eaten since breakfast. But, that fetta was amazing. So good, I even bought some today from the Fyshwick markets (they only seemed to stock the fetta) for $14.95.


Like everywhere else we went, there was plenty of local produce to salivate over.


If you are looking for a stop between wineries, or even a destination for a coffee and cake, the Yarra Valley Dairy is for you.


It is open daily from 1030 to 5pm at 70-80 McMeikans Rd, Yering VIC, approx one hour from Melbourne.


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