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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder

Formerly Stephanie Alexander's cafe, RHCL is located at the city end of Bridge Rd in Richmond, Melbourne.

It was one of those split second decisions - around lunch time, slightly hungry, had read about this place, it was as if the stars had aligned; before we knew it, we had a table inside and were sipping on drinks.

I rarely drink during the day. By rarely, I actually mean never, so it was a nice treat to order a glass of prosecco ($8.50). It felt right in the setting, large room with light floorboards and expansive windows overlooking Bridge Rd, people lunching and brunching and enjoying a glorious Sunday.

The menu offered many options, including cheese platters to share, pastas and gourmet salads. There was also regular cafe fare such as an Angus burger and caesar salad. Seeking out something a bit lighter, the salad options did appeal. Until I spied the pulled pork open sandwich.

It was exactly what I wanted - succulent pork and a creamy slaw. Being "open", there was only one slice of bread (pumpkin sourdough) but that was enough, it let the pork shine. After a while, the bread became a bit too soggy for my liking though.

Mr C ordered a portobello mushroom burger which came with a side of chips (which were a cross between a fry and a wedge) and the best aioli I have ever had. I'm not really a fan of mushrooms so I didn't try his burger, but he assures me he "won" in terms of ordering; the picture of this has gone AWOL...

Service was incredibly attentive - my menu was closed for all of 5 seconds before our waiter arrived to take our orders; water was refilled almost after every sip - without being overwhelming, and the staff were knowlegeable and friendly. The other thing I was impressed with was how quick the kitchen was - we had our meals less than 10 minutes after we ordered. Now, I realise this is to ensure quick turnover of tables, but I didn't feel hurried, and the restaurant was full. Even if they want me to leave so another paying customer can occupy my table, ensuring a quality product is delivered quickly is the sign of an efficient and well-run kitchen.

Overall, I was impressed by Richmond Hill Larder and Cafe - and would happily go back for dinner; if only it were open.

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